Skilled Swing Bed (SSB)

What is Skilled Swing Bed Program?

The purpose of a Swing Bed Program is to provide skilled services needed to recuperate after a major surgery or an extended illness so that you can return to your maximum level of health and independence.

Examples of skilled services at Hodgeman County Health Center include Physical Therapy, Antibiotic Therapy, Wound Care with Certified Wound Care nurses and much more!

If you or a loved one is currently in the hospital recovering from an illness or a surgery, there may exist some qualifications for skilled care at HCHC.  Skilled care helps to bridge the gap between care received in the hospital and going home before a patient is ready.

Ask your doctor or case manager to contact Rebecca Lutz RN, Skilled Swing Bed Coordinator at Hodgeman County Health Center to determine eligibility for admission to the Skilled Program. We have a small home town hospital with excellent care and customer service that takes pride and priority in our patient health and recovery.

~At Hodgeman County Health Center our mission is to deliver high quality patient centered healthcare with excellence, compassion, and competence. ~
For more information on Hodgeman County Health Center Swing Bed Program, contact Rebecca Lutz, RN, 620-357-8361 x 3321. Fax: 620-357-3537. Email:

To schedule a time or for any further questions please call: 620-357-8361


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