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Acute Care

The Nursing Department is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week. There is always a Registered Nurse on duty with the help of at least one Licensed Practical Nurse or Certified Nurse Aide.
Care is provided in a caring and understanding manner to all patients. This allows you, the patient, to be cared for as a whole person, not just a case or number.

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Intermediate Swing Bed

Hodgeman County Health Center offers Inpatient Intermediate Swing Bed Care when your loved one is unable to care for themselves and may need assistance with daily living activities. This care can be provided following a hospitalization or illness, and helps care for the patient during the transition toward long-term care. Intermediate Swing Beds are considered hospital inpatient beds that are not covered by Medicare, but can be covered privately, through some Long Term Care Insurances and the Medicaid program. If you have further questions, please reach out to us at 620-357-8361 for more details.

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Emergency Room

The Emergency Room, located in the Acute Care Wing of HCHC, handles patients with speed and efficiency. This unit is always available for medical emergencies, however, if our facility is unable to handle the seriousness of a case, we have the ability to transport a patient by ground or air ambulance.

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Wound Care

Our team of providers, therapists, and certified wound care professionals take a personalized approach to wound care, using the latest proven techniques and software, and utilizing the latest regenerative biomaterial products.

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We offer 24 hours Computed Radiography X-rays along with a 64-Slice CT scanner. We can also schedule you for an MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Sonogram, and Mammogram/Dexa with one of our certified Mobile imaging partners that visit our Hospital.
We are staffed by two Licensed Radiologic Technologist that will make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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O’shea Memorial Clinic

O’Shea Memorial Clinic is located across the street from Hodgeman County Health Center. It is a full service clinic staffed by a Physician specializing in Family Medicine, a Pediatrician and/or a family Nurse Practitioner. Chiropractic services are also available.
Patients are seen Monday-Friday 9 A.M.-Noon and 1 P.M.-4 P.M. closed during the lunch hour 12 Noon – 1 P.M.

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General Surgery

Surgical procedures are available at HCHC on a scheduled basis. Your physician will call the hospital and the case will be set up on the next available day. We normally do surgical cases once a week.
Laparoscopic surgery, such as gallbladder, hysterectomy, EGD, and colonoscopy, are performed by visiting general surgeons. Dr. Patrick Stiles, performs surgery at our facility while assisted by our medical teams.

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Physical Therapy

A full-service physical therapy department is staffed by a Physical Therapist available 4 days a week and a CPTA the fifth day. A wide range of modalities can be ordered by your physician, including initial evaluations.

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Transportation Bus

We offer transportation for out-of-county residents that have an appointment at our clinic. Our transportation is wheel chair accessible and has child safety seats.

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Laboratory Tests

Lab is capable of performing routine lab tests, including most tests ordered by your physician. Less common test specimens are collected and sent by courier to the nearest lab facility capable of handling them, and the results will be returned to your physician.

Pain management

Pain management specialists help you regulate pain with medications, procedures, exercises and therapy. To reduce or relieve pain, your provider may recommend one approach or a combination of several. You may receive care in a pain clinic, provider’s office or hospital.

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