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History of Hodgeman County

In 1868, seven years after Kansas became a state, Hodgeman County was created by an act of legislature. The county was not formally organized until 1879 and it was named in honor of Captain Amos Hodgman, Seventh Cavalry officer, who passed away from wounds sustained in the Civil War. The discrepancy in the spelling of the name is due to a typographical error that was never corrected.

As a result of the Homestead Act of 1862, home seekers began coming into Hodgeman County to settle in the 1870s. By the late 1870s the county had a population of 1500 with many competing towns vying for the county seat. Buckner, which is present day Jetmore, won the battle.

Many little towns have popped up on the prairie throughout the early periods, Kidderville, Pawnee Valley, Fordham, Hodgeman, Milroy, and Marena to name a few, but only Jetmore and Hanston have survived. Our little county of roughly 2000 people offers what most do not. We have a grade and high school, post office, grocery store, three gas stations, a dollar general, and many more places for entertainment and leisure opportunities.

Horsethief Reservoir

Horsethief Reservoir is located approx. 8 miles west of Jetmore on the south side of highway K156. It is a 450 acre reservoir providing opportunities for recreational activities as well as flood retention. There’s a reason that people drive for many miles to come stay at one of the premier lakes in Kansas, come check it out today! https://horsethiefreservoir.com/

City of Jetmore 

City of Jetmore has been in existence since 1879. Originally called Buckner, the town name was changed to honor a Topeka lawyer who was instrumental in the town acquiring the rights to be the county seat. Settled in a perfect location, everything you could ask for is within an hour’s drive while you can still live in an excellent community with that small town feel. http://www.jetmorekansas.com/

Hodgeman County Schools

Hodgeman County Schools are the consolidation of Jetmore and Hanston, two tradition rich schools that have both excelled academically and athletically. Having around 100 students in the high school a year, HCHS bounces back and forth between being classified as a 1A or 2A school. Fielding numerous athletic teams and having multiple clubs and organizations, there isn’t a student attending that doesn’t have every opportunity to get involved, be successful, and make a difference! https://www.usd227.org/

Hodgeman County Health Department

The Health Department collaborates with HCHC to care for the community and is staffed by two RNs who provide critical services to all of Hodgeman County. These range from but are not limited to, Maternal Health, Infant/Child Health, and Immunizations. https://hgcohealthdept.com/

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