Clinic Nurse (Full-Time)  Monday - Thursday


Spearville Medical Clinic

Accepting applications from LPN or RN.
Position Summary:

The purpose of position is to assist the provider with patient care in the clinic setting. This includes but not limited to preparing patients for the reason for the visit and the examination rooms, taking initial medical history and ensuring all known medical chart, taking vital signs and weight, making appointments for testing and or specialist visits and explaining the preparations to the patient. Will also be trained to draw blood, and administer injections and allergy shots. Responsible for inventory and ordering of medical supplies and materials as necessary.

Reports to:

Patient Financial Services Manager.

Candidates who meet these qualifications and are interested in this position may submit an application online.  Candidates may also obtain an application from Vanessa Bamberger, complete it, and return it to Human Resources.  If more information about the position is needed, please contact Sheri Bennett, Patient Financial Services Manager.



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